CORCELL'S Mask is...


Having worked in the textile and clothes manufacturing industry for years, I used to be exhausted by the repeated routines and stress. And my daughter would come and give me a mask pack when I was resting on the sofa.

While using the mask pack, which was cooling and relaxing at the same time, I had an idea: what if I make a mask pack with clothing fabric?

'What if you can 'wear' a mask pack instead of placing or putting it on the face?'

This rather unusual question was the start of Corcell, as I decided to develop a mask sheet by using my experience in the textile industry.


An innovative mask pack
that is like no other!

Instead of simply placing it on the facial skin, Corcell's special mask sheet is worn on the face like clothes to provide a physical lifting effect.

'A mask sheet that is a step closer to women's dream'

We used elastic Spandex so that the mask fits on anyone's face regardless of your age and gender and pure cotton, which is mild on the skin and, therefore, most widely used for baby clothes.

Also, we used lace to weave the mask sheet. After much trial and error, finally, we successfully developed the current Corcell mask sheet in 2016.


Synergy between amazing ingredients and lifting effect!

Corcell's mask sheet offers a physical lifting effect for more defined facial contour. In addition, we further researched ingredients that can enhance the anti-wrinkle and lifting effects, including those that are nicknamed 'Botox cream.'

'2-in-1 effect mask sheet with 'Botox cream' ingredients and facial-lifting effects for facial V-line '

The 'Botox cream' ingredients are used for premium anti-wrinkle and lifting creams, essence, serum, etc. and widely sought after by women.